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Monday, August 20, 2012

How to please the Russian girl in bed

The question "How to please the Russian girl in bed" of interest to many guys. That you will learn by reading this article, and, of course, without the practice of nowhere. Find the erogenous zones of the Russian girl, it's just because they are a sufficient set, but each of these areas as a girl can be erogenous, and not be, watch her reactions and find out. Now, more ...
Guys contemptuous of such an erogenous zone of the Russian girl's lips, but in vain, because the tender and passionate kisses excite her. Try to learn the technique of a "French kiss", the girl is no doubt enjoy. During the kiss do not forget about your hands, caress, cuddle, caress, a Russian girl will get a kick out of you explore her body. Pat the thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach and chest, the first couple refrain from touching the genitals.
Go to the weasel earlobes (light and gentle kisses, posasyvanie, light biting), kiss the neck, stroke the girl's back between the shoulder blades - an erogenous zone "cat's place." If you are not lying, then it's time to go to bed. Then go down to your chest, you can touch her, squeeze (but not much), kissing - that you deliver a fun girl and excite her even more. Particularly sensitive to kissing and posasyvaniyu nipples They should be tender and flavorful. Slowly go to the tummy, kiss, kiss and kiss again. Continue to caress her body, go to caress her inner thighs - this is another erogenous zone of Russian girls.
What would make sure that you deliver a fun girl, look at her breath, her eyes, the movement of the pelvis. If breathing quickened and lids are covered and you noticed that the girl pressed against your pubic area, move your hips - a sure sign of a strong sexual arousal. Just clear sign is the selection (grease) from the vagina. However, some girls do not discharge enough for painless intercourse, so take care of having good personal lubricant, you can buy it at the pharmacy or in the sex shop.
What girl would deliver maximum pleasure in bed, if you do not mind oral sex, giving more attention to the genitals. Kiss, caress, lick, first around the labia majora, tease it, then do the labia, find and take her clitoris with your fingers, spread labia and lick small and the entrance to the vagina - it all makes your girl go crazy with desire and pleasure.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to get acquainted with Russian girl VKontakte - useful tips

Now VKontakte reported some millions of girls and they spend their time there. Many of them want to find a good guy out there. VKontakte a great place to get acquainted with Russian girl. If you learn to pay attention to that girl in the first place and how to get their attention, then familiarity with the girl will be in touch a couple of trivia for you. Meet VKontakte becoming more popular and many girls can say they met with her boyfriend VKontakte.

The problem is that most guys do not know what to say, how to say and when to say Russian girls VKontakte. They continue to send girls to boring messages, invite them to interview, to beg for phone numbers and ask them to answer - that they never receive. All these girls are simply ignored. So often the guys are disappointed and say "get to know a normal girl VKontakte unrealistic" or "It's not for me." No, this is not true. Meet VKontakte quite possible! You just need to equip the necessary knowledge and apply them in practice.

Tip 1. Less talk, more action.

Most guys try to be cool and look smart - instead of being so in reality, rather than just trying. When you're trying to show their best side, not being so in reality, the majority of Russian girls will notice it. You need to be yourself. The guys talk a lot, ask the girls stupid questions, want to notice them, brag about their accomplishments. Stop doing it. Try to be more concise and less talk, when you write posts VKontakte girl. Suppose she comes to you, make sure that she wanted to know more about you. To do this you need to create an attractive page VKontakte.

Tip 2. Be popular.

Popular guys are very easy to get acquainted with Russian girls. A popular means attractive. The more your friends will write on your wall, comment on your status and pictures, the more it proves the other girls your social value, the more attractive you will be for them. Focus on maintaining good relationships with friends and enjoy a useful business.

Tip 3. Create your own image.

Be unique, create your own image. The more you differ from other boring losers sitting VKontakte, the more attractive you are. How do I do? Find out what these losers VKontakte, and do not like them. If they run for the Russian girls, sending them a boring message, begging for the phone numbers - you do the opposite. What if this happens? She will pay attention to you.

Seducing girls VKontakte is a kind of science you have to constantly learn and improve their skills when meeting with the girls. Once you have mastered this science, we can easily meet and communicate with hundreds of the most beautiful girls.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Russian woman. The difficulties of marriage

Do not assume that, even going all the nightmare of living together in a marriage with a German, and then - a divorce from her husband in Germany and received a welcome residence in Germany, you are immediately healed perfectly. One without a loved one close - her husband in Germany, you will not be easy. If I did not know here in Germany does some morally crushed by Russian women, I would not be informed about it.

Many were attracted by the status of German men of Slavic girls - submissive, patient, undemanding, who dreams of marrying a German, and go to Germany for permanent residence. But I do not recommend you enter into correspondence on German dating sites with guys who have such an approach to family relationships. In search of her husband in Germany is primarily considered a normal human types of relationships, such as understanding, trust, mutual assistance. In 1-x manifestations take the pressure, the desire to dictate their will on you, throw this man a German and go away without looking back. Otherwise, married a German, you can turn into a regular victim of domestic violence and the character of the TV show about the next warped fate of the Russian girl who married a German.
Marriage visa bride Residency in Germany
If you do not seeks out ways to get any kind of residence permit in Germany, having left there on the fiancee visa, and are looking for a reliable husband, a German - mate, make sure you look for it if you persevere, and of course, if she is ready to love and be loved.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Russian amature girls

- Concierge ... I've not spoken to her. A integer cause she had me only from a distance. She never recognize me why russian girls.
- Well, well!
- Antonio, of course, the villain! Great cunning, as for him, and speak, but to me he did not compete ...
- With regard to me, as I think he did not have to ? - Louis moved up to Max, along with a chair.
- Why? You serve in the house, not me ...
- It would be nice like that! .. And what are we going to do?
- Well, as long as we can especially not to twitch ... As for Antonio, he still gets his time will come for all pay! And Rachel, women russian babe was mine and decided to throw me. But I swear by God, Louis, I swear it to me just does not get away! Need to carefully think through all of that at this time not slipped ... To no one could blame us. Nothing! I hope you're still on my side?
- What kind of question? Of course! But how much will I have? After all, you get it-all ...
- How do you ... say ... twenty-five million? A? At the conclusion of the case, of course.
- The risk is quite high. And I would like to quit work and live like a millionaire ... Let there be fifty million.

- Good! Agreed: fifty million.
- So, then, on his hands?
- It's a deal! ..

Camilla was offended at his best feelings: it is no one invited to the office, Antonio, and after all of the people close to him only her sister, excluded this time from family members. Max, Antonio, Oscar, Victoria young girls nude russian - all there, except her and Claudio. What does it mean?
Well, that Camilla, bad russian girls met Ramon, who, however, frowned when she began to inquire of his, who was there, behind closed doors. Pretending that he was leaving, she hid in the shade of a spreading palm trees next to the study and was not visible prying eyes. And Ramon, Ramon correct and carefully observe the interests of Antonio, losing an instant alert and went to the kitchen.
And Camila heard from his hiding everything that was said in the study.

Russian lesbian girls

Well, of course, Don Daniel! To do this, we here! You ... order! How many of us? - Asked the waiter approached Chucho. - Sixteen hundred pesos? Please!., Counted, he said, pulling out a sweeping gesture of his shirt pocket a wad of money. - I'll rinse your face ... Be right back! ..

Don Daniel, talking to Mercedes about that, about this, did not pay attention to how much time has passed, like Chucho left. And when the waiter placed before him three glasses, and saw each other the right to the table. He looked disconcerted, and a pocket sleeve shirts were torn. He almost cried why russian girls.
- What happened to women in russian culture? - Don Daniel jumped up.
- I was robbed! Wretches took all my money, sir Samaniego! - A small voice said Chucho and suddenly yelled beautiful women russian babe: - Thieves! Thieves!
- Do not make trouble, the fat man - quietly advised the waiter - to pay more in a row.
But an angry Chucho nothing could stop them.
Until Louis came ... echoes of what happened in the house Lombardo, he looked back not often: not much to complain of his Senor Lombardo, seeing in him a man Maximiliano. The owner also tried not to publicize the relationship, especially in recent times, so that no one had seen them together. And now he called Louis on the phone to him.
- Where were you? You have been looking for a whole hour! - Not-quite abandoned Maximilian, when he appeared at last Louis.
- The machine Camila seniors, very young russian nude girls brakes failed, would like to fix.
- So, come our way? - Pushing the guest chair, rubbed his hands rather Albeniz.
- As it is, in our opinion? - Luis did not understand.
- Pablo Martinez Antonio sent to Guadalajara with my photography, so he showed it to the concierge, the owner of the apartment that I rented, and a lawyer.
- Well, and? - Luis asked impatiently.
- What - and? How could they identify me, if you talked to the owner? Well, remember?
- Yes, yes, I remember wild russian women! And what the concierge?

Russian jewish girls

Don Daniel, doubtfully looked faded, not the first fresh shirt, patched pants ... Yeah, well Chucho will look. They went into town, wandered for a long time, choosing where to sit, until they attracted a small cellar, where they went. Take a table, ordered a drink. Don Daniel all the time did not feel too comfortable, it is drink and have wanted nothing, and there - pulled back, in a bungalow Lombardo, where he used to live alone and where he liked the peace and silence, broken only by the noise of the ocean surf. But Chucho from glass to glass more and more entered into a rage. He did not wait to go somewhere else very young russian nude girls ... They took to the air, caught a taxi and went back to look for, where to continue to celebrate. Maybe Variety? - Do not let up Chucho. - There is too noisy - Don Daniel said, and he preferred something quieter, although Samaniego saw that his friend's high time to stop ... But there it was, Chucho was drunk, and, having paid a taxi driver pulled Don Daniel at some little restaurant, from which the open door came the sound of loud music ... It seems there is not a sin, and dance just once - had the courage to Acuña, when they settled down and ordered a drink offered by the waiter. "It seems to me there is the disheveled winks! .." - And Chucho went to a small patch of where the music moved a few pairs. Don Daniel, and was not on its own. A short, fat man, broad-Chucho pressed to his partner, aquatic Russian girl with her hair, almost a head taller partner ... But Chucho was not enough - he wanted the old man Samaniego also found a couple. I was a friend of aquatic, foldable, no longer a young Russian woman, whose face just like Don Daniel.
- Sit down with me. No, no, I do not dance - Indeed, resolutely shook his head, Don Daniel. - If you want, I order a drink and we can chat. What's your name, senorita ... senorita?
- Mercedes - she modestly lowered her eyes.
- What is a good name - admired Samaniego. - This name was Mary merciful ...
- Senor, as you are here in Acapulco, the first time? - Mercedes guess women in russian.

Russian girls dancing

- Well, - finally agreed Antonio, tired of all these conversations. - But beware, Maximiliano, and into your minds: Raquel, virgin russian girls, for you there! - Their eyes met.
- Victoria, wild russian girls, right - concerns supported stepmother Oscar. - This Russian woman, and in fact has deprived you of the mind, you should not treat her as his wife, the more imposing of the society Lombardo family.
Oscar Antonio is trusted for its objectivity in judgment, breadth of vision, level of education. Trusted and loved, because Plasencia, like him, Lombardo, religiously respected the laws of family admired her stepmother, who loved devotedly and tenderly of his late father. But there were moments, especially lately, since in the house there was Raquel, very very young russian girls, when Antonio could not help himself even in his conversation with the doctor: he wanted to defend the innocence of his wife in which he was sure to protect it, a delicate and vulnerable. How much can you tolerate interference in his life? - Antonio flared up, but to control himself, but said firmly:
- Remember once and for all. This is my home, and I will do everything that pleases me! ..
Chucho ... elated. Finally, it held a meeting with Don Antonio, and he rolled back the clock to replace him three hundred fifty thousand pesos. A fortune! If he had won the lottery, and even did not buy a ticket ... And lord thanked him warmly ... All this Don Chucho told Daniel, who warned: with this sum of money to walk the streets is dangerous, better, they say, to hide more reliable. For example, in the toe - out of the thief will be hard to get. In a sock? .. But I've never been Chucho socks! .. And then Don Daniel has kindly offered his. And offered his shirt and pants - with Chucho they were very : where can I go in this dress thinking about a restaurant or some cheerful town, where Chucho asked Don Daniel yesterday and he gratefully accepted. Samaniego was good here, but it is often missed in solitude: the daughters had a lot of their problems, and often he saw them just a minute.
- We have good time, Don Daniel! I swear, women in russian, you do not repent! We have a lot of money. Let's go to the most elegant places where there are great lords ...